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ComProbe FTS4BT (14.1.2072.2628) for Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Release Notes
Features Added
  1. The decoders for the Hands Free profile have been updated.
  2. The ComProbe software is now built using Visual Studio 2012 version. Note: Customers who are writing custom DecoderScript methods will need to rebuild their methods using VS 2012 in order to use them with this version of the software.
Bugs Fixed
  1. Fixed a bug that was incorrectly decoding MAP Msg Listing
  2. The ComProbe software would crash when saving large files.
  3. The ComProbe software would crash when sorting by columns in Frame Display.
  4. The ComProbe software was taking a very long time to save large capture files.
  5. The ComProbe software was not correctly sorting data in Frame Display
  6. The WBS Data Extraction feature was not working. It has been fixed.

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