The Frontline family of analyzers allows you to save data collected as capture files that you can review later, or share with colleagues. These files are denoted with the ".cfa" extension and can be viewed through the Frontline analyzer software. Anyone can download this software for free and view capture files or use virtual sniffing. Simply download the software from our website, install, then open the capture file to view the contents.

This page contains a collection of capture files collected for various technologies. As you review them you will get a better understanding of Frontline's world class family of analyzers and the potential to view, analyze, and interpret data captured. You will see the same information as if you had captured this data yourself, view data through the "Frame Display", "Timelines", and "Message Sequence Charts" views. You'll see all of the profiles, protocols, decodes, errors, messages, etc.

You can view a "Frame Display" screenshot of the data collected or download the actual capture file by clicking on the images and links below.

Bluetooth "Classic" (48 MB file) Bluetooth classic Example Capture File
Bluetooth Low Energy (1.6 MB file) Bluetooth low energy Example Capture File
Bluetooth and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) Coexistence (11 MB file) Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Example Capture File
802.11 (Wi-Fi) (285 KB file) Bluetooth low energy Example Capture File
HSU (High Speed UART) (79 KB file) HSU (High Speed UART) Example Capture File