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Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) (Bluetooth 2.1 and later)

Classic Bluetooth Encryption with Link Key shownTo capture and decrypt data between two Bluetooth devices using Secure Simple Pairing we have two choices. If one of your devices can be put into Secure Simple Pairing Debug Mode, all that needs to be done in I/O Settings is to choose your devices. It doesn’t matter what’s been selected in the Pairing Method drop down, the ComProbe software will see the debug messages being sent and calculate the correct key. Only one of the devices needs to be in debug mode and it doesn’t matter which one.

If neither of your devices can be put into debug mode, you’ll need to know the link key being used by one of your devices, generally by accessing the HCI on one of the devices. If that is the case, enter the link key into the box provided.


Note that the link key is sometimes stored in your device in reverse order. The ComProbe software will automatically reverse the link key, if needed.

Once the link key has been entered, decryption operates the same way it does in legacy pairing.