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Tip IDDescription
ASYNC-001   Framing Errors in Data Capture
BTCP-001   BT ComProbe Driver Not Installled after SP2
BTCP-002   Cannot Start Sniffing
CABLES-003   No Cables Were Found
CABLES-01   What is the Difference between the Monitor an
CABLES-02   RS-485/422 Cabling
CFA-001   Capture File Newer Than Your Version of FTS
CFA-002   Invalid File Attribute When Opening Capture F
COMV-001   ComVerter Connections
CP-001   ComProbe Not Found
CP-002   Forced Polling is Active
CP-003   Serialtest ComProbe Can't Find Any LPT Ports
CP-004   ComProbe Stops Responding
CP-005   ComProbe Stops Capturing
CP-006   RS-232 ComProbe Power Supply Specs

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