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Tip IDDescription
CFA-002   Invalid File Attribute When Opening Capture F
PORTS-006   Is FTS compatible with USB ports?
PRT_001   Large Font When Printing
ND-004   Modbus Framing Incorrect
STC-003   Monosync and Bisync Data for ASCII and EBCDIC
NI-001   National Instruments Pin Outs
CABLES-003   No Cables Were Found
DRV-001   No Hibernation with FTS Serial Driver
ET-002   No NICs Appear in Hardware Settings
NI-002   One National Instruments Port is disabled
ET-001   Only Seeing Broadcast Messages and Data for t
STA-003   Overrun and Overflow Errors
SERIALBERT   Overview of BERT Testing
CP-007   PC Runs Slowly with ComProbe
QT-001   Quatech RS-485 DB9 Pin Outs

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