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MecApp Pro - Bluetooth Profile Tester

MecApp Pro: Advanced Engineering <i>Bluetooth</i> Test Tool
MecApp Pro <i>Bluetooth</i> Profile Tester

MecApp Pro is a versatile Windows tool for Bluetooth interoperability testing, employing simulation of a variety of Bluetooth profiles for testing against your devices. MecApp Pro gives developers the opportunity to test their devices against applicable Bluetooth profiles, allowing developers to provide improved interoperability, right in their own labs!

MecApp Pro, based on the Mecel Bluetooth SDK, is widely used amongst leading product developers as a Bluetooth profile simulator. The product builds on Mecel's proven MecApp Pro profile tester adds new features including Bluetooth Low Energy and MAP.

MecApp, the predecessor of MecApp Pro, was initially developed to be an internal test tool at Mecel, but proved to be extremely helpful and spread quickly to other companies and Bluetooth developers around the world. Today thousands of Bluetooth developers have used MecApp and with MecApp Pro, the next generation of support during Bluetooth development is available now.

Mecel aims to be an early adopter of new Bluetooth versions and profiles, which directly are imported into MecApp Pro. By quickly distributing updated versions of MecApp Pro, developers of mobile phones, computers, automotive head units etc. will have a testable Bluetooth counterpart for the very latest features.

MecApp provides the missing link in implementation of new profiles and improved Bluetooth interoperability.

  • Supports all security modes including Secure Simple Pairing (SSP).
  • Handle synchronous audio (SCO/eSCO) over USB when using the hands free profiles.
  • Continuously reading link information such as AFH channel map, transmit power level, RSSI, clock offset and link quality.
  • Support for UART, BCSP and USB transport layers.
  • Support Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
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