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Codenomicon Robustness Tester for Bluetooth Technology

Codenomicon Robustness Tester for Bluetooth Technology
Swift & Sure Development Shortens Time-to-Market

Frontline is pleased to be the worldwide master reseller of the Codenomicon Robustness Tester for Bluetooth Technology. Fast-paced, complex and continual changes in the wireless technology product arena demands a short development cycle that must not sacrifice interoperability and in-field performance.

The longer it takes to find Bluetooth bugs, the more costly they become and the more they delay product release. The longer it takes to bring a product to market, the fewer potential sales are possible before the end of sales life.

The Codenomicon Robustness Tester for Bluetooth Technology takes pre-deployment product performance simulation to new levels, and exposes more bugs earlier in the cycle. It speeds time-to-market and increases sales opportunities.

It is the perfect companion to Frontline's FTS4BT™ Bluetooth protocol analyzer. FTS4BT provides live synchronized air and HCI sniffing from multiple points of observation to debug, test, and verify-FAST!

These two testing products combined allow developers and test engineers to find and fix Bluetooth bugs fast and bring products to market sooner.

Elimination of bugs is more expensive
the later they are discovered.
Improve Bluetooth Product Reliability

Due to the inherent nature of development in the wireless personal area network arena, a wide variety of interacting products and performance situations are possible. In order to ensure interoperability and crash-proof performance, Bluetooth technology devices must not only meet the measure of specifications from the SIG, but stand up to increasingly complex user scenarios. You know your product is good. But how will it measure up in the field when it has to interact with all the other products? And what happens when it is bombarded with data mangled by RF interference or some malicious hacker tries to purposefully cause disruption?

The Codenomicon Robustness Tester for Bluetooth Technology verifies the capability of Bluetooth implementations to withstand invalid and malformatted wireless traffic. The tests result in improved product stability and security, which protects not only your end-users, but also your corporate brand.

This tool finds bugs faster by systematically and relentlessly trying to break the implementation under test. Over a dozen profile test suites are currently available. Each suite contains thousands or tens of thousands of ready-made test cases, which means no time needs to be invested in initial design and that testing can begin right away. The range will gradually grow to cover all widely deployed Bluetooth protocols and profiles.

Used in conjunction with Frontline's FTS4BT, the world's first v2.0+EDR Bluetooth protocol analyzer, The Codenomicon Robustness Tester provides a means to attain a new level of product verification and confidence regarding software and hardware functionality in the field and in the marketplace. Contact us now for more information.

Improve the Stability and Quality of Your Bluetooth Wireless Implementations
  • If you are a Bluetooth products reseller (such as mobile phone network operator) the robustness testing process enables you to find problems before your customers do.
Robustness Testing:
  • Improves stability and quality
  • Reduces customer-reported defects
  • Reduces support and maintenance costs
  • Protects your product from external attacks
  • Benefits your corporate brand
  • Is encouraged by the Bluetooth SIG
  • Is used by developers and test engineers
For Use by:
  • Software Vendors
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Chip and Module Makers
  • Mobile Phone Network Operators
  • Test Labs
  • Consultants
Hardware Included:
The finger-sized Bluetooth transceiver is included.
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