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For years developers have trusted Frontline’s solid, reliable and easy to use analyzers. Frontline’s rich library of protocol and profile decoding is unmatched and continues to grow as new protocols are introduced and existing ones are improved.

Bluetooth Product Offerings
Say "Goodbye" to the plug! Frontline’s dual mode "Classic" BR/EDR (v2.1) and low energy (v4.1) Bluetooth protocol analyzer leverages Frontline's years of Bluetooth experience combining live decoding and decryption with all existing Bluetooth profiles - all in a box the size of your hand and USB powered! Frontline's Bluetooth low energy analyzer is only the size of a deck of cards but with it you can pinpoint Bluetooth low energy protocol issues at a glance. As Bluetooth low energy products begin to move from the laboratory to the field, Frontline is at the forefront, meeting the needs of Bluetooth low energy developers for debugging, testing and!