Our Inventory includes:

  • 32+ OEM cars and car kits covering over 100 models of cars - we will have 50 available for testing
  • Over 500 mobile phones less than 2 years old
  • 750+ Headsets
  • 55+ Aftermarket car kits

  • 160+ Portable Hands-free devices
  • 175+ HID devices
  • 25+ (and growing) Bluetooth low energy devices
  • Tablets, GPS units and more

Frontline Device Library

Testing and Services Available During Fest:

  • Interoperability Testing with over 1,900 Bluetooth devices
    Your engineers can use any devices in our inventory to test against your products for interoperability and compatibility. We will also have test engineers available in case you need assistance with set up, execution and analysis of capture files.

  • Bluetooth Profile and Protocol Robustness Testing
    Use our CRT4BT Robustness Tester to exercise your device’s Bluetooth protocol and profile implementation to test its Bluetooth stability and security, protecting not only your end-users, but also your corporate brand. We will have test engineers available to assist you and do training with the device.
  • Test Plan Analysis
    We will provide services to analyze your test plans to give 3rd party input of your procedures.
  • Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, and USB Workshops:
    Frontline will provide workshops including an overview of each technology, IOP testing best practices, services offered by Frontline, and analysis tools training.
  1. Bluetooth Smart & Smart-Ready (Classic/low energy)
  2. Bluetooth Robustness Testing Workshop including an overview of the CRT4BT robustness tester and training on its use
  3. NFC Workshop
  4. Wi-Fi Workshop
  5. USB Workshop

There is a nominal charge of $99 per attendee for other services, lunch and refreshments during the day and an event on Wednesday night. For more information and to register please fill out and submit the following form, and a Frontline representative will contact you. (Each attendee must register and submit payment individually - please have credit card information ready.)


"First come, first-served." Our capacity for the IOT Fest is 25 Companies - please sign up early!