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Which Bluetooth® test tool is right for YOU?

Pic Learn more about Frontline Sodera

Frontline Sodera

• Wideband Bluetooth (BR/EDR/LE) captures, fully decoded and decrypted
• Watch live, or save captured data and decrypt later
• Compact and portable - only 2.2 lbs, w/changeable battery pack
• Bluetooth 5 Specification ready
• Works with Audio Expert
Pic Learn more about Frontline Sodera LE

Frontline Sodera LE

• One click wideband captures - Bluetooth low energy
• Re-programmable radio means you keep up with the spec!
• Full Bluetooth 5 specification support - and future ready!
• Uses Frontline software - views, tools, windows
Pic Learn more about Frontline BPA 600

Frontline BPA 600

• Fully USB powered - say "Goodbye" to the plug!
• Sniff both Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart devices
• Includes ProbeSync technology for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence testing
• Works with Audio Expert
Pic Learn more about Audio Expert System

Audio Expert System

• Huge time savings troubleshooting Bluetooth protocol related audio
• Synchronized Bluetooth, audio, and CODEC events w/protocol trace
• Detailed bit rate variance graphs and audio controls
• Works together with Frontline Sodera and Frontline BPA 600

You've got options!

The Frontline family of Bluetooth protocol analyzers and tools support every profile and protocol in the entire Bluetooth specification. From Bluetooth "classic" (BR/EDR) to Bluetooth low energy (LE) technology, Frontline protocol analyzers make it easier to get products to market faster by helping troubleshoot, debug, and decode these complex communication streams.

Automotive Solutions Group
Featured Analyzer: Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer!

The Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is a highly portable, wideband, Bluetooth protocol analyzer that captures all Bluetooth traffic in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Data collected ranges from paging and inquiry packets to connections, secure connections, and secure simple pairing (SSP) packets, to data exchange packets. Data is gathered from every device transmitting Bluetooth wireless technology within a 10 meter range.

Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
One Click Sniffing

Capturing data is as simple as clicking a button. Just start Frontline Sodera and click "Session: Start". That's it. Now you are gathering every packet being transmitted in the range of the analyzer. Quickly you can see devices, select the ones you are interested in following, and send that information to Frontline's powerful Frontline software to be decrypted and decoded, live, while it is happening. Or, save the file and review it at your leisure. You can even add link keys or PINs after capture to decrypt the entire link.

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